VisioFocus Pro The Professional Non-Contact Thermometer

$84.95 $169.95
  • Made in Italy
  • TGA Approved
  • Non-contact, hygienic reading
  • Projects onto forehead and on unit
  • 1 Sec reading
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Visiofocus® Pro uses safe infrared technology to quickly measure the core body temperature at the forehead.

Taking the temperature at the temporal artery is considered as accurate as rectal readings and often more accurate than those taken in the ear channel.

VisioFocus® Pro is the most advanced thermometer to accurately measure body temperature. Totally hygienic, without touching the skin, VisioFocus reads infrared radiation naturally emitted by the surface of the skin and calculates the whole body temperature. It does not need to be disinfected and does not require the use of hygienic disposables.

Temperature assessment is measured by pointing the Visiofocus at the middle of the forehead, or the eyelid in the case of excessive perspiration. When the LED coloured light beam forms two arcs with the temperature displayed in the centre, the reading is complete. It takes less than one second, and because there is no physical contact, it considerably reduces the risk of transmission of viruses during the measurement of body temperature, for both patients and clinicians.

It is easy to use and holds up to nine memory readings. It can be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit and has two ambient self-calibration modes.