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Mozzigear FAQs

1. How do you know that a natrual insect repellant will work?

Not all natural or plant based repellents will work, it is important to ensure any insect repellent is registered with the APVMA. The APVMA is a government agency that regulates and apporves any formula which can be sold in Australia. Mozzigear has been approved by the APVMA, which means it has undergone extensive testing and had to show to be effectvie and safe for use as per application instructions.
Mozzigear has also been tested and designed to ensure that the product is effective at repelling mosquitoes, midges and sandflies.

To check if a product is APVM approved, you just need to check the packaging. Legally any APVMA registered product must list its APVMA registration number anywhere on the label. They must also list the active ingredients and their concentration on the front of the packaging.

2. Why did we create a natural, plant based insect repellent?

We created Mozzigear because we couldn't find a product which was effectvie and yet safe for our family and children. We found when we used other 'sensitive' products on the market, the children had a reaction and were not able to use the products. Over and above this, all the leading brands have DEET which is a toxic ingredient, we were worried about what sort of future implications DEET could have on any young child.

3. Why is Mozzigear Australia best and favourite natural plant based insect repellent?

Mozzigear is a great product as its natural and has a unique offering in applications. Mozzigear allows you to wear it, spray it, click it or create an electronic barrier. No matter what you need or what you prefer, we have a natural solution for you and your loved ones.

4. How do you make a sustianbale, planet friendly insect repellent?

At Mozzigear we don’t use any DEET, this is the first part of being planet friendly product. DEET can be found in the waterways, waste water and make its way into natural environments. We also work closely with our suppliers to ensure we help reduce waste, ensure our products are recyable and have also implemented a 'return' the silicon bands to get a disocunt for future products.

5. Where is Mozzigear insect repellent made?

We manufacturer Mozzigear in Australia and overseas based on the technology that is avaiable. Mozzigear is an Australian company and an Australian brand tnat has been designed for the harsh Australian environment.

6. Can I wear Mozzigear wrist band on the ankle?

Bands are to be worn on the wrists only. Not to be worn on the ankles, as the design and size is not made for ankles and are not ankle safe. Do not wear band if they constrict around the skin.