Mozzigear Mosquito Click Eliminate Irritation

  • Chemical and Deet free 
  • Quick and simple application
  • 25,000 clicks, uses
  • Portable and no expiry date or battery
  • Use on Mosquito, Sandfly, Jellyfish
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Mozzigear Mosquito-Click, a simple, chemical free device that may assist to help reduce the sting, itch and swelling and is battery free, no battery required.

Sometimes we all get stung by things like mosquitoes, sandfly, midge or jellyfish.
A portable device that functions using piezoelectricity, Mosquito-Click may help reduce swelling at the site of the sting or bite, thereby reducing itching and inflammation.

May help to reduce itching and inflammation from stings and bites in just a few clicks.
Should see results within one hour of use.
Simply place directly on the bite and click 5 times or as required.
Portable, simple and convenient to use – no need to apply any drugs or chemicals to the body.
Suitable for adults and children over 6 months old.
Designed and made in Italy.
Treats up to 5,000 bites.
No expiry date.
No battery needed.

5-10 clicks per sting/bite. Use as required.
Always read the label.
Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.