About Mozzigear

About Mozzigear

Mozzigear is a family based brand that has been in business since 2006. We are one of the largest mosquito repellent companies in Australia.


We are continually adding to our already successful range of 100% natural mosquito products and consumer health related products. They are all unique and market leaders, TGA approved and we believe globally the best product on the market which is Deet Free and plant based.


Practical solutions from newborn to adults, we have all applications and solutions for you and your loved ones.


Mosquito Bands, Mosquito Patches, Mosquito Wipes & Mosquito Repellers. Just wear it on your wrists or put it onto your clothing and all you need to do is enjoy yourself and your time outdoors.


No matter what you love doing outdoors or at home, we hope that we can help you enjoy what you love doing, no matter what your age. We offer you practical solutions to everyday issues like work clothes protection or protecting yourself against insect bites while camping or hiking in the desert!