Mozzigear Mosquito Ultrasonic Repeller

  • Chemical and Deet free 
  • No personal application
  • 3 meter coverage
  • Portable and compact design
  • 3 time settings for auto switch off 
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The Mosquito Repeller is a portable ultrasonic mosquito repellent that can be worn on the body or placed close by to help keep mosquitoes away. It has a range of up to 3 meters.

The ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller emits very fast and powerful 5-20 KHz multi-frequency sound waves that stun and cause discomfort for most mosquitoes, thereby causing them to move and stay away. Intelligent Health Solutions offers the Mosquito Repeller online for your convenience.

The benefits:
Portable and compact.
Simple, convenient and safe to use – just wear on clothing or place near the body.
An ultrasonic mosquito repellent is odourless and chemical free – ideal for people with sensitive skin.
3 meters coverage.
3 times settings (4hrs, 6hrs and 12 hrs).
Replaceable battery CR2032 3V.
Non-harmful to pets.

Place the ultrasonic mosquito repellent on your person or close by to the area that you wish to be protected and set the timer as required.
1. Press the white button to select time setting of the Repeller.
2. Once for 4 hours (red light will appear)
3. Twice for 6 hours (green light will appear)
4. Three times for 12 hours (orange light will appear)
5. Fourth time to turn off the device.

Active ingredients:
The ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller emits 5-20 KHz multi-frequency sound waves.
Ultrasonic Pest Repellers are used as substitute for Mosquito coils and liquids to avoid inhaling of toxic fumes. It is the non toxic way to repel pests like mosquitoes. As per scientific information and experimental evidences, the animals respond to US and avoid its presence.

Human ear is not sensitive to US because the eardrum cannot vibrate as fast as US. Ultrasound has high frequency, so the wave is very powerful. US travel along straight line even in the presence of obstacles. When the US hits an object, it bends and round and spread in all directions.

Even though human ear cannot sense US, many animals can produce and hear US. Many insects, rodents, bats and small mammals communicate through US. Insects have sensory structures to produce and detect ultrasound. Cockroaches have “Sensory hairs” to sense US. Spiders, Wasps, Beetles, Flies etc have a “Tympanic membrane” to detect US. Fleas
communicate using high frequency US . Male Mosquitoes produce US to attract females. Female mosquitoes have sensory structures to receive US.

How does US affect animals?
The US sensors are present in the antennae of Mosquitoes and genetalia of Cockroaches. US emitted by the Repeller will scare away the pests and confuse them. Ultrasonic sound will create stress on the nervous system of insects and jam their own US frequency. This will immobilize the insects and they escape from the source of US.

Does the US pass through walls?
No. Ultrasound will not pass through walls like the ordinary sound waves. When the US hits an object, it bends and round the object and spreads.

Is it safe for human beings?
US Pest Repellers are widely used in Homes, Gardens, Farm yards etc. to repel various kinds of pests. Commercial US Pest Repellers are designed to emit US in the frequency range 20 kHz to 100 kHz. US above 20 kHz is inaudible to man but children can hear the US to a certain level up to 30 kHz. Many house hold appliances like Telephone, Computer, Vacuum cleaner etc emit US, but we cannot hear it because it is inaudible. US is considered as the safest method for scanning pregnancy. US scanning is widely used in hospitals. Echocardiogram also uses US to image the heart’s functions. As per the scientific information, US will not cause any health problems.